YUCK: Hillary Clinton goes on The View "I won the popular vote."

YUCK: Hillary Clinton goes on The View “I won the popular vote.”

She continues beating the same drum and the hosts joined in

Hillary Clinton has show one thing in spades since the election, She has no idea how to lose. She has been the biggest poor sport and even wrote a book about it. Not only does she continue to beat the same drum over and over…her supporters do as well.

Clinton recently appeared on The View and it went just as you might expect. The hosts crooned over their beloved Clinton and together they held a massive pity party!

Fox News Reports:

Hillary Clinton’s visit to “The View” started with warm, long hugs, and ended with a gift.

The former Democratic presidential candidate entered the stage to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and “The View” co-hosts’ eager greetings.

Whoopi Goldberg’s introduction was interrupted several times by cheers from the audience as Clinton took her seat.

Joy Behar expressed how shocked she was when Clinton lost the election.

“I was sure you were going to win” Behar told Clinton, to which Clinton responded to a laughing crowd, “So was I.”

“I went into mourning” Behar said, as the screen behind her showed the liberal host on election night wearing a black veil.

As the interview went on, Clinton and the women of “The View” commiserated over why the 69-year-old former Secretary of State lost the election to a man with zero political experience.

“I argue in the book, and I am pleased that other independent analysts have reached the same conclusion,” Clinton said. “I would have won if it wasn’t for [the Comey letter.]”

Clinton said it was only on election night that she realized she was not going to win.

“It was a shock…it wasn’t until that night that it really hit me,” Clinton recalled. “[Bill and I] didn’t cry that night… I write really painfully about what happened that night. I felt like I had to be strong for my family and my friends and my supporters and I hadn’t spent anytime thinking about a concession speech.”

Goldberg tried to make Clinton feel better by telling her no Democratic candidates have won back-to-back presidencies since 1948.

Behar butted in, “Well, you did win in fact,” and Clinton agreed saying, “I won the popular vote.”

The co-hosts also spoke out against those who criticize Clinton for staying married to Bill Clinton after his multiple affairs.

“I hear that people say ‘They have an arrangement.’ It’s called a marriage,” Clinton responded. “There have been a lot more happy days than sad or angry days, and I am very proud and grateful that I am married to my best friend.”

The “View” hosts cheered Clinton’s answer with chants of “Mind their own business” before presenting Clinton with a blazer that said “BACK UP” on it, referencing the Trump/Clinton debate where the GOP candidate roamed the stage and was sometimes shown behind Clinton.

The show’s conservative-leaning host, Jedidiah Bila, did hit Clinton with two questions that were borderline tough for the politician. Bila asked Clinton to respond to Democrats who dislike Clinton’s new memoir for looking too much at the past. She also asked Clinton about the leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee which revealed attempts to undermine Bernie Sander’s campaign in favor of Clinton.

Do you think Hillary will ever give it up or will she just keep going like the energizer bunny?