YIKES: Look which DEMOCRAT is crushing Oprah in the 2020 polls…

Despite the media love-fest over Oprah Winfrey, Democratic voters actually prefer Bernie Sanders AND Joe Biden over her, according to a new poll from Politico.

The Politico poll suggests wouldn’t be handed the Democratic nomination as easy as some may think. Even Bill O’Reilly thinks that she would easily win the nomination if she wanted it.

However, as we dive into these poll numbers, it doesn’t seem to be the “cakewalk” that some liberals are projecting!

Here are the numbers from the Daily Caller:

Choosing between Winfrey and potential male Democratic primary candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the poll respondents overwhelmingly chose the experienced male politicians. Biden received 54 percent of support to Oprah’s 31, and Sanders lead 46 percent to 37.

Winfrey has said nothing about actually running for president, but that doesn’t stop some people from imagining an election between two politicians who used to be celebrities. It appears, however, that Oprah’s strong support among Democrats doesn’t mean the party wants her as president.

“Oprah’s strong standing among Democrats does not translate to a clear interest in her launching a presidential campaign,” Kyle Dropp, co-founder and chief research officer of Morning Consult, told Politico. “While 77 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Oprah, only 38 percent say she should run in 2020.”

So there you have it, folks.

We should really stop all of this Oprah talk because not only would she likely lose, but it’s a huge doubt that she would even run. Running for President would bring more scrutiny than I think she could ever want. As of right now, she is seen very favorably by most of America and I don’t think she’d want to do damage to her brand.

As we know, Trump sacrificed his ENTIRE business and brand in order to fight for our country. I simply don’t think that Oprah cares about America as much as Trump to make that same sacrifice.

What are your thoughts? Comment below…

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