YES! Melania’s Approval Rating Just Skyrocketed

First Lady Melania Trump’s approval rating has been skyrocketing in recent months, and even CNN is admitting it.

According to a brand new CNN poll, 57 percent of American voters say they have a favorable impression of the first lady.

Her approval in the same poll was at 47 percent in January, which means she has jumped 10 points in just a few months.

CNN was also forced to admit her approval skyrocketing was the biggest jump she has experienced in any CNN polling since her husband, President Donald Trump, won the 2016 presidential election.

Interestingly enough, the first lady has seen an increase in favorable ratings among Democrats, up 15 points since the same poll back in January.

CNN reports Trump is up six points since January with Republican voters.

So basically everyone is very, very pleased with the first lady, her grace, and what she has been accomplishing at the White House.

In fact, previous polling also revealed she is more popular with Americans as first lady than Hillary Clinton was when former President Bill Clinton was in office.

While leftists spend every day trashing and insulting our first lady, it appears she is wildly supported by the American people.

It’s very refreshing to see our first lady getting the credit for her hard-work to make the country great.

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