WTF: Socialist Sweetheart Tells Kansas Crowd That Voting For Dems Is Like Ending Slavery

While she may be the darling of the progressive faction of the Democratic party and the liberal media, 28-year-old fireball Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one major gaffe away from fragging her own troops with the explosive combination of ideological blindness and gross ignorance.

The “future” of the Democratic party hit the campaign trail with her inspirational father figure Bernie Sanders to stump for leftist candidates in Kansas on Friday. Then as the beaming old closet commie stood behind her, she made the ridiculous comparison of the upcoming midterm elections to slavery.

Speaking to a raucous crowd in Wichita to support Bernie-bot James Thompson who is trying to notch a win in next month’s party primary, Ocasio-Cortez thrilled the audience with the same type of inflammatory rhetoric that carried her to an unexpected win over incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th congressional district last month.

It was during this speech that the former barkeep showed why she is so valuable to the socialist fringe as she launched into a shameless anecdote about her fifth-grade teacher “Mrs. Whipple” who just happened to be from Kansas.

Then she played the slavery card to paint the midterm elections as a historical struggle while invoking dog whistle code speak that President Trump is a racist.

According to The Wichita Eagle:

Ocasio-Cortez vaulted to national prominence and earned a place on stage with Sanders by running an unapologetically progressive campaign that beat House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley in a recent New York primary.

A native of the Bronx, she told her own Kansas story of writing a fifth-grade paper about the state for her teacher, Mrs. Whipple, a Kansas native.

She said she learned a lot about wheat, but also Kansas’ history on the front line of the fight against slavery leading up to the Civil War.

“Kansas was founded in a struggle over the conscience of this nation,” she said. “It was in 1861 the people of Kansas decided we were going to be a free nation. That is the crucible and the soul of this state. Don’t let anyone forget it.

“Kansas has delivered before and it will deliver again,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “You are carrying the candle of hope for this country.”

“You are too!” shouted a man the audience.

The current infatuation with slavery on the left is truly baffling as well as divisive and dangerous but yet over the last several years, it has permeated the culture and contributed to the mass delusion that the USA is a white supremacist country less than two years removed from having had a two-term black president.

But it works for the Democrats who have become overly reliant on demagoguery and cynical race-baiting.

However, for every triumphant con job like the story of Mrs. Whipple, there continue to be signs that Ocasio-Cortez was rolled out way too soon by a party that has been desperately seeking a savior.

Either she doesn’t understand that the Democrats’ official color is blue or she just made a massive Freudian slip about the Marxism that is embraced by a growing number of Democrats including nearly half of millennials who are so poorly educated that they believe that socialism/communism is a viable alternative.

The more she talks, the worse it gets…