WOW: Trump just made history by DONATING his entire 1st quarter Presidential salary!

Amazing gesture by our President

Candidate Trump promised that he would donate his salary if elected President….and now he is making good on that promise! On Monday, President Trump became the 1st President in History to donate his entire first quarter salary!

Here’s more from The Week:

“On Monday, President Trump became the first president to donate his entire first-quarter salary to the National Park Service. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke accepted the check, worth $78,333.32, and announced it would go toward the neglected maintenance of battlefield national parks

Trump vowed during the presidential campaign that he would not take a salary in office. While presidents are required to receive a paycheck, a spokesperson for the White House said in February that Trump would give the money “back to the Treasury or [donate it].”

Trump’s 2018 budget proposes a 12 percent cut to the Department of Interior, worth approximately $1.5 billion. Jeva Lange”

We’re so grateful to President Trump for keeping yet another promise!