HOW NICE! Ocasio-Cortez Is Now Threatening Dems Who Vote With The GOP

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not only going after members of her own party, she is apparently threatening her fellow Democrats if they dare to cross party lines and vote with Republicans.

According to The Washington Post, the New York socialist told lawmakers on Thursday behind a closed-door meeting that they will be “putt on a lis” if they vote with Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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The report indicates that Ocasio-Cortez, backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, told around 20 House Democrats that if they vote with Republicans on issues, they will be put on a list for a primary challenge.

“We are either a team or we’re not, and we have to make that decision,” Pelosi reportedly told the roughly 20 moderate Democrats.

The Post reports that Ocasio-Cortez followed-up by saying, “the unquestioned media superstar of the freshman class, upped the ante, admonishing the moderates and indicating she would help liberal activists unseat them in the 2020 election.”

Ocasio-Cortez reportedly threatening her Democratic colleagues comes just a week after she was exposed in another bombshell report about how she has been imposing socialist measures on her own staff.

During a segment last Sunday on Fox & Friends, three Fox hosts began discussing recent reports that Ocasio-Cortez is taking pay from her senior staff and giving it to her lower-level staffers.

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Ocasio-Cortez announced that no one on her congressional staff in Washington, D.C., will make less than $52,000 annually.

In order to pay for it, she’s not taking a pay cut or using any of the money from her $174,000 a year salary.

Instead, Ocasio-Cortez is cutting pay from her most senior staffers and then giving that money to lower-level workers.

But during the Fox & Friends panel, the hosts highlighted how Ocasio-Cortez is actually employing a version of socialism and communism on her own staff.

“She wants $52,000 for the entry-level staff salary for anyone in her office,” host Griff Jenkins said.

“Here’s the problem. You have got to find a way to get money to pay the entry-level people so she plans to take that from the chief of staff. Senior staffers who would normally make $154,000 for chief of staff are probably only going to make about $80,000,” he said.

“I want to pay $15 an hour. Entry level intern is making 52 grand. Your chief of staff who has a very important role in a congressional office now is capped at 80 as opposed to the actual markets rate on Capitol Hill which is closer to 150,000. Everyone is between 52 and 80. Actually socialism and communism on display,” Hegseth added.

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He continued, “She makes $174,000 as a congresswoman. She should probably redistribute some of that will you share some of that money, Miss Congresswoman, with the rest of your staff who is not making as much as you?”


The entire segment detailed how the 29-year-old lawmaker selfishly takes money from her most important officials and gives it to others.

How is that fair?

In true socialist fashion, she’s taking money from her top staffers and redistributing it to lower-level staffers.

And, she claims that she wants all of her staffers to earn a livable wage, yet she won’t take a pay cut or direct any of her own money.

She’s genuinely a socialist.

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