WOW: New Texts Show Obama Likely BRIEFED On Spy Operation Into Donald Trump During Election

Friday was a great day for the Trump Train and not a very good day for the Democrats after Mueller dropped his long-awaited for report to Attorney General William Barr which had no further indictments.

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Glenn Greenwald said it best in a Tweet: “The Mueller investigation is complete and this is a simple fact that will never go away: not one single American was charged, indicted or convicted for conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election – not even a low-level volunteer. The number is zero.”

Things now appear to have just gotten worse for the Democrats considering new texts show that the Obama White House may have been briefed about the spying that took place on the Trump campaign.

Check out what Fox News reported on Friday:

The most significant Page-McCabe communications made plain the DOJ’s worries that the FISA application to surveil Trump aide Carter Page was based on a potentially biased source — and underscored the FBI’s desire to press on.

Fox News is told the texts were connected to the ultimately successful Page application, which relied in part on information from British ex-spy Christopher Steele – whose anti-Trump views are now well-documented – and cited Page’s suspected Russia ties. In its warrant application, the FBI assured the FISA court on numerous occasions that other sources independently corroborated Steele’s claims but did not clearly state that Steele worked for a firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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It gets worse for the Left. According to the text messages between Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe, it seems that the Obama White House may have been directly involved with the matter.

On Oct. 14, 2016, Page again wrote to McCabe, this time concerning a meeting with the White House.

“Just called,” Page said to McCabe. “Apparently the DAG [Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates] now wants to be there, and WH wants DOJ to host.  So we are setting that up now.  … We will very much need to get Cohen’s view before we meet with her.  Better, have him weigh in with her before the meeting. We need to speak with one voice, if that is in fact the case.” (“Cohen” is likely then-Deputy CIA Director David Cohen.)

McCabe responded within the hour: “Thanks. I will reach out to David.” On Oct. 19, Page wrote to McCabe that the “meeting with WH counsel is finally set up.”

Neither Lisa Page nor McCabe responded to Fox News’ inquiries as to whether the meeting was designed to brief the White House on the FISA application or some other matter.

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It’s no secret that the FBI had a very strong Left wing bias but these recent revelations appear that the FBI may have been colluding with the Obama Administration to get after the candidate Trump.

The Obama White House denied all of these accusations in the past.

Now that the Mueller investigation is over, it’s time to investigate the Obama Administration for potential collusion with the FBI and with the Clinton Campaign.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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