WOW: New Emails Confirm FBI Tried To Strike Deal To Help Hillary From Email Scandal

New FBI emails have been released that show that the FBI, under the fired director James Comey, tried to work out a quid pro quo deal with the Obama State Department.

The purpose of this? To minimize Hillary Clinton’s email scandal — and this happened just weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

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This revelation isn’t necessarily “new news.” Fox News’s Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne reported on this back in 2016 but full confirmation did not come until this past week when the Judicial Watch released FBI communication related to this quid pro quo deal.

Check out what Gregg Re from Fox News had to say:

The trove of documents turned over by the FBI, in response to a lawsuit by the transparency group Judicial Watch, also included discussions by former FBI lawyer Lisa Page concerning a potential quid pro quo between the State Department and the FBI — in which the FBI would agree to effectively hide the fact that a Clinton email was classified in exchange for more legal attache positions that would benefit the FBI abroad, and allow them to send more agents to countries where the FBI’s access is ordinarily restricted.

The quid pro quo would have involved the FBI providing some other public reason for withholding the Clinton email from disclosure amid a Freedom of Information Act request, besides its classification level. There are no indications the proposed arrangement ever took place.

Pretty alarming, right?

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Corruption runs deep in Washington and the more that we find out, the worse it seems to get.

Re later accuses anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page of “orchestrating a coordinated leak strategy aimed at harming the president,” while citing the following conversation between the two:

“Jason Herring will be providing you with three 302s [witness reports] of current and former FBI employees who were interviewed during the course of the Clinton investigation,” Page wrote. “These 302s are scheduled to be released to Congress in an unredacted form at the end of the week, and produced (with redactions) pursuant to FOIA at the beginning of next week.

Page continued: “As you will see, they describe a discussion about potential quid pro quo arrangement between then-DAD in IOD [deputy assistant director in International Operations Division] and an Undersecretary at the State Department whereby IOD would get more LEGAT [legal attaché] positions if the FBI could change the basis of the FOIA withhold re a Clinton email from classified to something else.”

The evidence shows that Comey was not misunderstood, but was acting in a corrupt manner to defend Hillary Clinton and advance his own twisted agenda.

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The American people understand perfectly what his intentions were.

If anyone else had committed the same crimes that Clinton committed, they would certainly be in jail.

Trump was completely right to fire Comey. The more we learn, the more we see how corrupt the FBI really was under Comey.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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