WOW: Democrats Make Damaging Admission About Mysterious Websites After First Blaming The Russians

A mysterious case of hundreds of web addresses claiming United States Senators were “for sale” has caused quite a bit of controversy in recent months, and one culprit has been exposed: Democrats.

According to New York Post, many speculated that the web addresses were purchased by Russians or foreign actors for nefarious purposes, such as meddling in the midterm elections in November.

However, after the Post investigated the matter, it turns out the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee bought dozens of web addresses implying senators were “for sale.” Oddly enough, Democrats also purchased properties associated with at least three incumbent Republican lawmakers, raising questions about what they have done with accounts or what they planned to do before they were outed.

On Monday, the DSCC admitted that it secretly purchased the addresses in March using the suffix “forsale” for at least 27 incumbent lawmakers running for re-election in November.

The committee, who admitted that it did not notify the alleged 27 senators that it had purchased the web addresses, said it didn’t reveal to the public that it purchased the properties to avoid hostile actors from potentially using the addresses for nefarious purposes.

“It’s a routine campaign practice to purchase URLs to stop bad actors from getting them, and if we eventually decided to develop a URL into a website then there would be a clear disclosure of who was operating it,” a statement from the DSCC stated.

A lot of prominent figures slammed the DSCC for its actions.

“It’s a really nutty thing to do unilaterally because it’s going to set off alarm bells,” said Alexander Urbelis, a lawyer who detected the new registrations.

“The lack of transparency is both concerning from a standpoint of the potential for other governments to do this type of thing and not be revealed, and our domestic politics,” said Tim Groeling, an expert on political communication. “I’m a big fan of transparency. I think a lot of things can be fixed with sunlight.”

The “forsale” moniker tied to the web addresses also sets off alarms. The Post reports that there are roughly 280 political web addresses registered under the “forsale” domain, with many targeting President Donald Trump, Republicans, Supreme Court, and National Rifle Association.

The DSCC claims that it only purchased 27 of the web addresses. The “forsale” allegation was intended to imply that the Senators only work for lobbyists and large corporations, and that they will support policies based on who donates to their political campaigns.

Here are Democrats that are connected to the addresses: Sens. Bob Casey, Claire McCaskill, Angus King, Elizabeth Warren, Heidi Heitkamp, and Bernie Sanders.

Oddly enough, the DSCC purchased addresses associated with these Republicans: Sens. Roger Wicker, Dean Heller, and Ted Cruz.

Why are Democrats buying web addresses that are associated with three prominent Republicans? Many will find it mysterious that the DSCC purchased addresses for top Republicans facing semi-contested races in the midterms.

Did Democrats plan to use these web address for nefarious purposes? One could argue they did, and that the DSCC only came clean about what they were doing because they got busted.

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