WHOA: Look who just bought 353,686 SHARES of Facebook stock…

Very interesting…

This may be something or it may be nothing, but this is DEFINITELY worth keeping an eye on. According to Investors Business Daily, George Soros just bought over 350,000 SHARES of Facebook stock within the last couple of months. Soros has had a history of using

Soros has had a history of buying influence, even to the point of Hillary taking Foreign Policy orders from him. However, now that he has NO SHOT of controlling Trump in any way, he may be trying to buy some social media influence to oppose Trump.

From Investors Business Daily:

Gorge Soros took stakes in Facebook (FB) and Dow component Goldman Sachs (GS) in the fourth quarter, while Appaloosa cut its stake in Apple (AAPL), and both followed Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BKRB) in appearing to find a bargain in airlines. 

Soros Fund Management bought 353,686 shares in Facebook and bulked up its stake in Alphabet (GOOGL) by nearly 60% to 20,200 shares, according to a regulatory filing out late Tuesday. Soros also increased his T-Mobile (TMUS) stake to 685,700 shares.”

Seeing that Facebook’s stock has floated around $121/share over the last few months, we can reasonably assume that Soros took a $42,000,000+ stake in the company.

We’re not assuming that Facebook will fold to everything that Soros recommends, but this is DEFINITELY something to keep an eye on.

What are your thoughts?