WHOA: Jim Carrey Slammed For ‘Disrespectful’ Aretha Franklin Painting

Actor Jim Carrey has been heralded by many deranged leftists for his anti-Trump paintings, but now he’s being slammed for his “disrespectful” tribute painting of singer Aretha Franklin.

On Thursday, Franklin passed away at the age of 76. In response to her death, Carrey apparently decided he wanted to draw a portrait of her.

“Look how beautiful a life can be. Thank you, Aretha!” Carrey wrote in a tweet.

Many took issue with the portrait for one obvious reason: he appears to have made Franklin, an African-American, look white.

Social media users ripped him a new one for making her appear white:

While liberals will get over their anger, Carrey will probably just go back to smearing President Donald Trump and members of his administration with his “art.”

The comedian turned anti-Trump cartoonist has posted a handful of disgusting paintings portraying the president and his officials in a very negative light.

In June, he tweeted out a painting featuring Trump crucifying Jesus Christ, implying that the president was killing him. Drawing Trump’s face twisted in anger, the painting shows Trump driving a nail through Jesus’ palm as blood pours out.

“Jesus was a loser,” the comedian imagined Trump saying. “A failed carpenter. He’s a savior because he was crucified. I like people that weren’t crucified.”

Prior to that, Carrey tweeted out a picture of Calvin, the cartoon character from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, urinating on Trump’s grave.

He captioned the sick tweet, saying: “Oh how I urine for this all to be over!”

On the grave, Carrey wrote: “HERE LIES NO 45. WENT TO HELL AND TOOK THE GOP WITH HIM.”

The urinating character used by Carrey is typically associated with sports when a rival team is pictured at the receiving end of Calvin’s urine.

Before that, he posted a disgusting painting of First Lady Melania Trump. The actor’s obscene painting depicts the first lady wearing a brainwashing device similar to the one worn in a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction film “A Clockwork Orange.”

His disgusting artwork came just two days after the liberal media spread conspiracy theories about Trump’s whereabouts after she underwent a kidney operation.

In February, Carrey posted a picture of a painting that smeared White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

His painting was another clear attempt to insult Sanders’ personal appearance, mock her Christian faith, and call her a monster.

Like almost everyone in Hollywood, Carrey is a staunch liberal who has made his disdain for Trump clear. As if Americans weren’t already sick and tired of how abhorrent liberals treat the Trump administration and his supporters, elitists keep finding ways to reach new lows.

Carrey’s unflattering and garish photo of the the president, first lady, and members of his administration shows liberals will do and say anything for media attention.

And now Carrey is under fire from leftists for apparently painting Franklin in a skin color that triggers them. Sad!

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