WHOA: Hollywood Actress FLIPS SCRIPT, Destroys The Media For Attacking Covington Students

Despite the disgusting calls from her fellow celebrities to attack the falsely accused teens from Covington Catholic High School, one Hollywood actress has taken a courageous stand by risking career damage by speaking out against injustice.

The explosion of hate toward the boys in red MAGA hats who were smeared by the fake news media after a selectively edited video of a confrontation with a Native American troublemaker in Washington D.C. shows that America is entering a very dangerous place.

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We are getting closer to the point where these Hollywood haters egging on others is going to end up tragically, maybe soon.

Social media has allowed unhinged celebs with large Twitter followings to agitate for attacks on innocent and powerless people with impunity and the likes of Kathy Griffin and a cadre of the usual Trump hating fanatics did so with relish.

But not Patricia Heaton, who starred in the popular CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and defended the teens as well as blasted the lying media with both barrels:

Don’t expect anyone to be held accountable after the harm that has been done to these boys, their families and their school all for the sake of attacking President Trump by proxy from a pack of hateful cowards hiding behind their iPhones.

Good for Heaton to stand up even if it may be career suicide in the Hollywood nexus of Trump hatred.

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