WHOA: Dennis Rodman Reveals One Thing That Changed Kim Jong Un’s Opinion About Trump

Former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un had a “change of heart” after reading President Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal.”

According to Yahoo, Rodman — who has met with Kim numerous times over the years — said his meetings with the North Korean leader “brought awareness” about the U.S.

Rodman said it has helped advance the upcoming nuclear and paved the way for achieving peace.

On Monday, Rodman told TMZ that he gave Kim a copy of Trump’s 1987 book “The Art of the Deal” when he visited North Korea last year.

Here what Rodman said:

“When I was…there the last time for his birthday I gave him Donald Trump’s books, I gave him stuff about Donald Trump and about Americans. I think he didn’t realize who Donald Trump was at that time until I guess he could read the book. I don’t want to take all the credit, I don’t wanna sit there and say ‘I did this,’ that’s not my intention.”

Social media erupted over news that Kim had a “change of heart” about achieving peace and ending his nuclear program after reading Trump’s book.

Kim likely took away from the book that Trump is not weak, is a counter-puncher, and will not back down from a fight.

The dictator realized Trump isn’t weak like former President Barack Obama, and Kim learned the hard way when Trump not only levied the toughest sanctions ever on North Korea, he threatened to use the full force of the U.S. military on the regime.

While the media claims Trump is incompetent, it turns out Kim has so much respect for Trump that he’s willing to completely denuclearize his regime and make peace after decades of inching toward war.

The mainstream media will never share this story because it proves that Trump is a far better leader than Obama ever dreamed of being!

What do you think about Kim having a change of heart after reading Trump’s book? Comment below.

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