White liberals don’t want to see ‘Black Panther’ because they’ll “steal Black joy in the theater”

Just when you thought liberals couldn’t be more ridiculous in their way of thinking, they prove you wrong in a big way.

As you may know, a new superhero movie came out this weekend called “Black Panther”, and early reviews are confirming that it is going to be politically and racially charged, which liberals love.

However, WHITE liberals are so sensitive and so ridiculous that they are now wondering if they should be “allowed” to see it on opening weekend just because of the color of their skin. They seem to think that black people will be “insulted” by their presence, which is pretty damn racist to assume if you ask me.

One crazy liberal lady named Emily Lakdawalla even said that she wants to wait to see the movie so she doesn’t “Suck the Black joy out of the theater”:

According to her Twitter account, Lakdawalla is the “Senior Editor & Planetary Evangelist” of The Planetary Society.

In response, Ben Shapiro DESTROYED her:


Twitter also had a field day:


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