WHERE’S NANCY? Pelosi’s Office Raided By Trump Supporters With One Powerful Message

Citizens who support President Donald trump stormed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office with a massive message to show her they aren’t playing around and they want things done the right way. The message for Pelosi was massive and that’s a direct relation to building a border wall to protect Americans from senseless crimes committed at the hands of illegal immigrants.

It’s a proven fact that walls work and placing a wall or structure at the border, forcing people to enter America legally, provides the best opportunity to slow down illegal immigration, slow down drug running, and finally put a clamp on human sex trafficking that is destroying lives.

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President Trump wants a strong border, just like so many Democrats have begged for in the past. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama – all of them have wanted stronger borders and less illegal immigration.

President Trump does too and he’s got the support of the American people. It just so happened that today a group of Trump’s supporters had no problem storming Nancy Pelosi’s office and hoping to have a conversation with her, to show them how the really felt.

But where was Nancy Pelosi? She was nowhere to be found! If she was in her office, she certainly didn’t show face. If she would have made small talk with Trump’s supporters, then she would have heard the call for strong borders from parents who’ve lost children and people who already lost too much.

The riveting scene was caught on video and some of their stories are heartbreaking.

This is why many Americans want to build the wall and only Trump can get that done.

It looks like he’ll be signing the deal and declaring a national emergency to get the wall built.

Now it’s only a matter of time until our American border is safe.

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