Jeff Flake Has An Office Decoration That Proves His BETRAYAL Of Conservatives

Since the day President Donald Trump took office, Sen. Jeff Flake has positioned himself to oppose Trump at every turn.

His move significantly backfired as he has lost support from Republicans and announced he would not seek re-election in the Senate.

Flake’s betrayal of conservatives was crystallized during an interview Saturday with David Axelrod on his podcast.

Flake told Axelrod that he has remained in close contact with former President Barack Obama, where a picture of the former first family is on display in Flake’s office.

The photo was signed by Obama and on the top shelf for everyone to see how much Flake apparently admired the former president.

We talk,” Flake said when asked by Axelrod how close the two were.

“He called me after the shooting to make sure I was alright after I gave my speech,” Flake continued.

The senator was referring to a speech he gave in October 2017 following the Las Vegas massacre.

In that speech on Capitol Hill, Flake slammed Trump, called for massive gun restriction measures, and announced he would be retiring in 2018.

With a speech like that, it’s no wonder Obama has kept in touch with Flake to work on liberal issues.

“The last night he was in the White House, the day before inauguration he called just to say that he enjoyed working with me. And I certainly said the same. He didn’t have to do that. It was very nice,” Flake said.

When Flake wasn’t fawning over his apparent friendship with Obama, he was saying the GOP is in a “bad place” with Trump.

Flake is a Never-Trumper who not only pushes for liberal policies, he is using the platform given to him from the media to slam Trump.

And having a photo with Obama on display in his office speaks volumes about why many Americans are glad he is retiring.

What do you think about Flake’s photo with Obama in his office?