WHAT? Parents Raising Gender-Neutral Infant Called ‘Theyby,’ Say Biology Means Nothing

A family in Florida has decided to raise their infant as “gender-neutral” and will now refer to the baby as a “theyby” to avoid using traditional pronouns.

The child’s name is “Sparrow” and she’s a girl, but mom, Ari Dennis, has decided that it doesn’t matter what genitals her daughter was born with because they essentially don’t matter.

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Coming straight from local news WTSP-TV and The Blaze, Dennis was quoted saying “we did not assign a sex at birth, which means when they were born, they had genitals, we know what they are, we just chose to acknowledge that those genitals don’t indicate anything about gender.”

Sparrow is only 11-months-old and has no idea what’s going on.

Mom says Sparrow will be permitted to decide her gender when she’s older.

The Blaze reported that the birth certificate for Sparrow states “unknown” under the sex category.

Dennis said that Sparrow, who is 11 months old, will be able to decide his or her gender when he or she is older, and even noted that her child’s birth certificate says “unknown” under “sex.”


Quotes from Dennis kept coming, with the mother of a “theyby” explaining that she’s not forcing her child to pick a gender and doesn’t want to “put her child into a box.”

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“We are in no way prohibiting Sparrow from having a gender, and we’re not forcing them to be one gender or another.

People will be like, “Oh, the child will be confused!”

No, if gender is really something in you, then no one’s going to change that. There’s nothing wrong with pink. There’s nothing wrong with blue. There’s something wrong with forcing kids into roles.

This is certainly a questionable take and many might find it controversial or bizarre.

Dennis participated in an interview that made some people cringe.

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