‘What A Disgrace’: Crenshaw NUKES Waters For ‘Repeating Lies’ From Iran To Attack President Trump

Mad Maxine Waters has met her match after being smacked down for taking up with Iran by a patriotic member of Congress who was wounded in combat and has little tolerance for loudmouthed ignoramuses trying to score cheap political points.

The Trump-hating, conspiracy-spewing octogenarian who tried to egg on leftist fanatics to confront and verbally assault Trump administration members in public last year has been relatively quiet as of late but was triggered anew over escalating tensions with Iran.

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Like many other Democrats, Congresswoman Waters wasted no time in choosing to side with one of the planet’s greatest exporters of terrorism as allies against a president who she seems to hate for no other reason than Barack Obama was term-limited and who she has devoted her life to impeaching.

Waters once again showed why social media and unhinged liberals are a toxic – and often anti-American – mixture with a shameful defense of the Ayatollahs while parroting propaganda from the Iranian regime.

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That was just about enough for Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye on the battlefield thanks to the ideological allies of Waters’ terrorist friends in Tehran and out of disgust that a high-profile member of Congress would stoop so low, he unloaded.

Via The Washington Examiner, “Dan Crenshaw blasts Maxine Waters: ‘Willing to take Iran’s side’”:

Crenshaw, a Republican representative from Texas and former Navy SEAL, said Waters was siding with Iran to attack President Trump. Iran has claimed the drone was over its airspace, but the U.S. has insisted it was actually over international waters.

“This is a shocking comment from a House Committee Chairwoman,” Crenshaw, 35, said. “She is literally repeating the lies of the Iranian regime. What a disgrace.

“Maxine Waters’ hate for Trump runs so deep that she is willing to take Iran’s side over the word of our military,” he added.

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Crenshaw is spot on and it is truly a sad day when members of Congress openly shill for a rogue nation where American flags are regularly burned in the streets (like the one that was burned outside of Waters’ office last year) and whose leaders have made it abundantly clear that they would wipe Israel off the map if they are allowed to get a nuclear weapon.

To use one of those cherished Nazi analogies that the radicalized Democrats are so fond of, in a different era Waters and her ilk would be goose-stepping down Hollywood Boulevard whistling The Horst Wessel Song if Trump was the president during World War II.

When they go low, they really go low and this is exactly who they are.

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