Well-respected Actor Randy Quaid ROASTS Meryl Streep in Fiery Letter!!

If Randy Quaid wasn’t already high up in my book due to his epic role as Cousin Eddie, he is now after he penned a blistering letter to his colleague, Meryl Streep.  

You really have to see it to believe it, he holds nothing back.

And when it comes to Meryl Streep, it’s hard to disagree that “the shitter was full”.

Check out more information here from The Independent Journal Review:

Actor Randy Quaid has performed in over 90 films and has been nominated for just about every prestigious film award under the sun.

After Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech about President-elect Donald Trump, Quaid penned an open letter to her on his Twitter account.

Although he “empathizes” with the actress’ feelings over the lost election, Quaid wasn’t willing to overlook the hypocrisy of her speech.

His letter called out the “bullying” that occurs within their own industry:

“You stated in your speech that ‘when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.’ You’ve got bullying galore going on right in front of you, but either you’re pointedly ignoring it or you just don’t have a clue.”

Streep recently acted in the film “Florence Foster Jenkins” with Hugh Grant, who, like Quaid, has had his own experience with “fake news” denigrating his character. Something Quaid claimed Streep knows nothing about:

“How nice it must be not to have a breath of fake negative press ever written about you, or lies manufactured against you by dishonest media attacking your character, your spouse, and your career.”

Quaid claimed the “biggest shocker” to Hollywood was that their voices don’t matter when their fans realize how big the country’s problems are. He wrote that the public wants “trust” and doesn’t like “being lied to by NBC and CNN, you or anybody else.”

He went on to describe what artists should be celebrating:

“The good news is that the American people have finally found their voice concerning corporate agenda’s control and corruption of our news feeds and political results. As artists, that’s what we all should be celebrating.”

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