WELL DUH: Corey Booker Says Releasing Illegals into Sanctuary Cities Would “Make Us Less Safe” (WATCH)

President Trump is exploring the idea of dropping illegal aliens off into sanctuary cities since the Democrats are doing nothing to stop the crisis at the border.

The Left has not only turned a blind eye to the ongoing emergency at our southern border, but they are also encouraging the illegal immigration by setting up sanctuary cities that welcome these illegal aliens. So wouldn’t you think that the Left would be happy that Trump wants to drop off the illegals into their cities? Nope. Just the opposite actually.

On Sunday during Face The Nation on CBS, Democratic Senator Cory Booker said that releasing large numbers of illegal aliens into cities would “make us less safe.”

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Oh really? Isn’t that what President Trump has been saying for three years while Democrats encourage illegal immigration and open borders?


This is the same man who calls President Trump’s stance on illegal immigration “racist” and he just admitted that dumping illegal aliens into certain cities is not safe. You can’t make this up!

Booker then went on to completely ignore the question and blame President Trump of “trying to pit Americans against each other.” Just a typical liberal talking point. Instead of addressing the real issue of illegal immigration, Booker cares more about attacking Trump and blaming him for stoking “fear” in the minds of American citizens.

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Booker has been telling us for years that illegal aliens are good people and that we should welcome these criminals into our country instead of making them come in legally. If these are such peaceful people, why doesn’t Booker want them in the very liberal Sanctuary Cities? And why is he saying that these, according to him, “peaceful” people would make “us less safe”?

This accidental admission by Booker proves that he does in fact agree with President Trump that illegal immigration is dangerous to the American people. He just will never purposely admit it because he cares more about opposing President Trump than keeping the American people safe. 

In a Saturday night tweet, President Trump doubled down on the rumors that he was going to drop off illegal aliens in Sanctuary Cities and announced that he has total legal authority to send illegal aliens into sanctuary cities, specifically California.

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This announcement by President Trump has received major backlash from the Left which is pretty ironic considering they have been the ones supporting illegal immigration and sanctuary cities for the past few years.

“Just out: The USA has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to Sanctuary Cities. We hereby demand that they be taken care of at the highest level, especially by the State of California, which is well known or its poor management & high taxes!” President Trump said in a tweet.

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