WATCH: Woman Lashes Out After Biden Grabs Her Hands Without Asking — “You Need to Ask First!”

For a guy with a record of doing things that many people find inappropriate, you’d think Joe Biden would catch on.

He hasn’t, though. And he probably never will.

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Check this out…

From Breitbart:

Former Vice President Joe Biden was rebuffed after trying to grab the hands of a younger woman in Iowa earlier this week, while talking to her about his candidacy.


Video of the incident, which was published by the Washington Examiner on Friday, shows Biden talking to the 41-year-old special needs educator about his plans for strengthening collective bargaining rights for teachers in states like Iowa. After a short back and forth, Biden grabs the woman’s hand and clutches it firmly throughout the rest of the conversation.

The woman noted, “I think that he means well but, you know, he grabbed my hands right away and that was really uncomfortable,” she said. “He was very close and, in my mind, I’m like, this is part of our problem: Not recognizing that you need to ask first, or can I shake your hand? Not just grab your hands and hang onto them. That bothers me.” – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!


Let’s be honest, here. Biden clearly meant no harm.

It’s not as if he groped the woman or anything.

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Yet, in the #MeToo era where everyone is offended by everything, Joe has to know that doing what he did will get him into a bit of trouble.

I mean, he has to know that…right?

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