WATCH: Warren Asked About DNA Test To Prove Indian Heritage, Her Answer Is UNREAL

Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a wild interview Sunday morning, where she addressed a possible presidential run in 2020 and if she will provide a DNA test to prove she’s Native American.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” host John Roberts asked the Massachusetts Democrats point blank if she would be running for president against President Donald Trump.

“I’m not running for president,” Warren said with a smirk.

Democrats and progressives have been encouraging Warren to run, arguing she would have a strong chance to defeat President Donald Trump.

Warren, like many, likely realizes she would have a very hard time defeating Trump.

The real fireworks in the interview began when Roberts asked Warren about about growing calls to prove she is actually Native American.

A local paper in Massachusetts that previously endorsed her Senate run demanded she “take the spit test” to prove she is Native American.

Trump has lambasted Warren on numerous occasions for her arbitrary claims that she has Native American heritage, where he gave her the nickname “Pocahontas.”

Despite Roberts pushing Warren on whether she would take a DNA test, the Democrat refused to answer.

Watch below:

Warren claimed to be Native American in her official paperwork when she was a law professor at Harvard University despite presenting no evidence to support the claim.

She has refused to prove for years that she has any Native American heritage, raising serious questions about whether she lied to claim she was a minority.

Warren’s excuses are so pathetic that she has previously claimed her “high cheekbones” prove her ancestors were Cherokee Indians.

During a speech in 2012, Warren argued her cheekbone structure proved she was Native American.

Check out her comments below:

While the fake news media foments over Trump jokingly calling Warren a fake Indian, many find it far more offensive that she continues to lie about her heritage.

Aside from her questionable heritage, many still believe Warren will run for president in 2020.

Time will tell if she actually has the guts to challenge Trump, but she would be wise to admit the truth about her heritage before Trump gets the opportunity to call her out to her face about it.

Do you think Warren is running in 2020?