WATCH: Tucker Carlson has had ENOUGH of David Hogg; Rips him to shreds in epic new rant

On Friday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ripped into the media’s obsession with Parkland survivor David Hogg, who has been  calling for our guns to be taken away. This deranged young man has also received unending support from the media, which has given him a bigger platform to speak on.

Hogg is said to be a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, and he has quickly become CNN’s poster boy for gun control.

Upon seeing this obsession with Hogg, Tucker Carlson decided to speak up. In short, he’s had ENOUGH.

Tucker began his epic rant by pointing out some of Hogg’s most ridiculous and immature statements when it comes to gun control.

Watch his full rant below:

“This is the problem that I have: if you sincerely believe that people who disagree with you want to kill children, then you shouldn’t be involved in making policy because that’s exactly what we don’t need more of, it seems to me,” Carlson said.

“Why is he being pushed to the front of this movement?”

“I agree with that this is a kid who saw unspeakable tragedy, he saw his classmates killed, and that’s exactly why he shouldn’t be involved in formulating a response to it. He is a kid. So you can’t simultaneously argue that you need to shut up and listen to him and if you don’t you are bad, which is what the left is arguing, and that we shouldn’t take what he says seriously or literally,” he added.

“You have to choose one. I’m happy to choose the first one.”

Conservatives has been ripping into David Hogg all day on Twitter. Here are some of the best tweets we could find:

Are you in agreement with Tucker? Do you want to finally see this kid go away once and for all? Comment below…