WATCH: Tucker Carlson And Ben Shapiro ROLL With Laughter At Poor Beto’s Expense

It’s looking more and more like Robert Francis O’Rourke is going to end up being little more than the punchline as his overhyped presidential campaign is already going down in flames.

O’Rourke – who is more famously known by his nickname of Beto – has suffered through a series of ill-timed gaffes and embarrassing details from his younger years and has now lost the favor of the same cultural elite snobs who once hailed him as the second coming of the Kennedys.

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While he continues to trip over his own tongue like he did when confronted by a student this week who popped the question of why he gave less to charity than her older sister and his ridiculous response, Beto’s star is already sinking.

The real question should be why was this buffoonish Democrat ever foisted off on the public as a legitimate contender to begin with and now that his once-promising White House aspirations have gone up like the proverbial flaming bag of dog poop, he is well on his way to becoming a national laughingstock.

In a MUST SEE interview, Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire are already laughing their asses off at Beto’s expense even while the doomstruck Texan himself seems to not fathom that he has already been relegated to the political garbage heap by the hip and gay Mayor Pete.

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Via The Hill, “Tucker Carlson: Media left O’Rourke for ‘younger, hotter candidate’ in Buttigieg: ‘Yum!'”:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked coverage of 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday night, declaring that the media “left” former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) for “a younger, hotter candidate” in the South Bend, Ind., mayor.

“Imagine how it must feel to be to be Beto O’Rourke right now,” Carlson said in his opening monologue for the former Texas lawmaker, who lost his bid for the Senate last fall. “If you’re O’Rourke, you’re out there running for president really hard, or at least running for vice president.”

“You are running anyway. You are giving speech after speech every day: ‘Children are our future. Today’s the first day of the rest of your life.’ Inspiring stuff like that, deep stuff like that, and there is a physical component to the job, too,” he continued. “You’re riding your skateboard for the camera, taking God knows how many selfies for your fans on Snapchat and Instagram.

“It is not an easy gig. Then one morning you wake up and discover that your one true love, the American news media, have called it off. They’ve left you for a younger, hotter candidate. Went out for a pack of cigarettes and just never came home. They split with some guy from Indiana. You cannot even pronounce the guy’s name.”

Carlson proceeded to show short clips from CNN, MSNBC and “The View” that showed hosts and guests lauding Buttigieg, including MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace stating the 37-year-old candidate is “chicken soup for my soul.”

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Then Shapiro joined in the fun, read transcript excerpts HERE.

Were it just conservatives on Fox News it would be one thing but even the preeminent beltway gossip rag has stuck a fork into Beto’s ass.

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According to Politico, “Why the Media Dumped Beto for Mayor Pete”:

Having stripped the Kennedyesque Texan of his novelty, the press corps has dumped him for the Kennedyesque Hoosier like a speed-dater on the rebound from a Tinder relationship gone bad. Its transition to Buttigieg has been seamless, finding in him another candidate who speaks complete sentences, who likes the camera almost as much as it likes him, who subscribes to the usual Democratic articles of faith and scans like a lost episode of The West Wing.

While it’s impossible for any objective observer outside of the liberal media bubble to see a path to the White House for Mayor Pete who is little more than a novelty candidate, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that even at this early stage that Beto is toast.

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