WATCH: Trump Trolls Acosta To His Face, Thanks Him For Proving That Walls Work

There are few things more pleasurable in life than seeing CNN’s pesky gadfly Jim Acosta put into his place after his grandstanding and it’s even more gratifying when it is President Trump who is administering the smackdown.

The so-called reporter who more often comes across as an irritating yappy chihuahua instead of a genuine newsman made a complete fool out of himself when on Thursday, he went to Texas ahead of Trump and while standing in front of a section of border wall proclaimed that everything was fine on the border and that there was no need for a national emergency.

But in his zeal to get Trump, Acosta inadvertently self-owned himself by making the point that despite what his fake news network and the Democrats may be saying, that walls actually work.

The POTUS was quick to pounce in this epic “Dear Diary” tweet to poor little Jimmy:

But it got even better than that when Trump proceeded to tweak Acosta in person.


Via The Daily Wire, “Trump Trolls Acosta To His Face. It’s Hilarious”:

Back in the Oval Office on Friday after his trip to the Southern border, President Trump was confronted by a number of reporters, one of whom just happened to be CNN’s Chief White House correspondent James Acosta, who inadvertently did Trump a favor when he also traveled to the border, posed next to the wall, and noted there “were no migrants trying to rush for this fence,” adding “matter of fact, it’s pretty tranquil down here.”

Trump trolled Acosta to his face, asserting, “Good job yesterday. I appreciate your salesmanship. I appreciate your salesmanship. … Some people are dumb.”

Twitter was merciless to Acosta:

Don’t expect Acosta to just fold up his tent and go into hiding despite his latest humiliation, if the last two years have shown anything it’s that the dude is a serious masochist.