WATCH: Trump Triggers Dems By Reading “Whistleblower” Lawyer’s Tweets At Rally

President Trump continues to take the battle to the enemy over Adam Schiff’s so-called “whistleblower” and on Wednesday, he also turned his fire on another Deep State operative.

During a rousing speech to an enthusiastic crowd in Monroe, Louisiana, the leader of the free world went after CIA spook and reported snitch Eric Ciaramella’s slimy attorney Mark Zaid.

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Mr. Zaid has drawn attention outside of mainstream media over his 2017 tweets in which he called for a coup against the then brand new Trump administration and the duly elected President Of The United States.

Following Trump’s firing of Obama-Hillary loyalist Sally Yates ten days after Trump’s inauguration, Zaid tweeted:

#coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately.

Zaid’s tweet calling for the coup was a mere ten days after Trump’s inauguration and nearly three months after Democrats first began calling for his impeachment.

On Wednesday, much to the delight of the adoring crowd of patriotic Americans, the POTUS ripped into the “sleazeball” attorney and didn’t spare CNN and the rest of the media “sleaze” from his wrath as he read Zaid’s tweets on stage.


Via The Daily Wire, “Trump Reads Whistleblower’s Lawyer’s Tweets At Rally, Crowd Goes Nuts”:

Trump rally attendees went wild on Wednesday night when President Donald Trump railed against the so-called Ukrainian call “whistleblower,” his attorney, and the media assisting in the “hoax” impeachment inquiry against him.

Speaking to a raucous crowd at a Louisiana venue, Trump read damaging tweets from Mark Zaid, one of the whistleblower’s attorneys. The president removed what appeared to be a Fox News story from his jacket, which he said he was just handed, and read the tweets aloud while intermittently mocking the general impeachment “hoax.”

“I don’t know if you saw, I’m coming off the plane and they hand me — look at this character — they just hand me this story,” Trump started in.

“‘Coup has started,’ whistleblower’s attorney said in 2017,’” the president read part of the Fox News headline. “You know when that was? That was a long time ago. It’s all a hoax!”

President Trump was referring to one tweet in particular from the “sleazeball” Zaid:


The million-dollar question is what did Zaid know bout CNN and the propaganda network’s role in the coup?

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Is it any coincidence that former Obama ODNI and noted perjurer James Clapper works there now and played a key role in getting the dirty “pee-pee” dossier into the media?

Those are questions that Zaid should be made to answer under oath and in one of Schiff’s upcoming nationally televised impeachment inquiry spectacles.

If there is any doubt as to the depravity of Zaid’s character, look at how he went after someone who criticized him on Twitter:

You would think that would merit a ban from @jack but conservatives understand fully well the double standards at Twitter where liberals are free to smear and destroy and even call for violence without so much as a warning.

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Now that the “whistleblower” is no longer anonymous and intrepid researchers are perusing Zaid’s own social media activity, he may have more questions to answer than what he knew about CNN.

Things may be about to get very interesting now that the sleazeballs are fair game.

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