WATCH: Trump Responds To Whether Or Not Warren Could Win In 2020; “You’d Have To Ask Her Psychiatrist”

During an interview with Fox News’ Pete Hesgeth, President Trump bashed Elizabeth Warren in light of her announcement to run for President in 2020. As expected, he attacked her desperate attempts to prove “Native American Ancestry”, which she has almost none of.

“She did very badly in proving that she was of Indian heritage,” Trump told Pete Hegseth. “That didn’t work out too well. I think you have more than she does and maybe I do, too. And I have nothing. So, you know, we’ll see how she does. I wish her well. I hope she does well. I’d love to run against her.”

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Hegseth followed up by saying “She says she’s in the fight all the way Mr. President, do you really think she believes she can win?”

“Well, that I don’t know. You’d have to ask her psychiatrist,” Trump hilariously responded.

Watch below:

Yesterday, “Pocahontas” made her announcement to the world in a cringeworthy new video.

Warren shared the news with her supporters via email and social media, calling on them to join her in a fight against the “dark path” favored by special interests that she says are hurting the middle class, and political corruption that “is poisoning our democracy.”

Should Trump cut foreign aid to countries who send migrants?

“Our government is supposed to work for all of us, but instead, it has become a tool for the wealthy and well-connected,” she said in a video announcing her exploratory committee. “If we organize together, if we fight together, if we persist together, we can win.”

“Most of us want the same thing, to be able to work hard, play by the same set of rules and take care of the people we love,” Warren said.

In her video, Warren touted her working class background and claimed she has worked to strengthen consumer financial protections.

Watch the tone-deaf video below:

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