WATCH: Trump Breaks From Script, Asks Veterans Just One Question That Sends Room Into Applause

President Donald Trump broke script on Thursday while speaking to a group of veterans, and asked one question that sent the entire room into applause.

During his address at the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride at the White House, Trump shifted from his scripted speech to praise the fortitude and courage of America’s service members.

Throughout his speech, the president praised and thanked America’s military and their families for making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the nation.

In his signature style, Trump suddenly went off-script to showcase his personal feelings.

Have you ever given in? Anybody here? I don’t think so. This is not a stage of those that gave in,” he said while turning toward the veterans standing behind him.

The room erupted into applause.

Trump said the heroes behind him “don’t know what those words mean,” saying, “They are winners.”

Watch below:

He also addressed the diversity of America showcased by the military, and that the veterans on the stage with him were an inspiration to all Americans.

“The heroes in this room today come from every background and every, single walk of life,” Trump said. “But they are united by the sacred bonds of duty and loyalty that hold us together as one nation under God.”

“Each of you has endured life-changing injuries. Each of you has conquered adversity with resolve. Never giving in, never giving up, and never ever backing down,” he declared.

This is a classic Trump moment. He breaks from his scripted speech to praise our heroes in uniform and give them the respect they have earned.


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