WATCH: Trevor Noah Stuns Ocasio-Cortez, Makes Her ADMIT IT With One Question On Socialism

Daily Show host Trevor Noah stumped New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday night with one question about socialism, and he forced her to admit that her radical ideas are only possible by taking more money from others.

During a wide-ranging interview on the Comedy Central show, Noah’s question was simple: “How do you pay for all of these ideas?”

The interview largely consisted of softball questions, but things got interesting when Noah asked the socialist to specifically detail how the U.S. government can fund all of the radical policies that she is proposing.

Here’s Noah’s long-winded question:

“Those ideas, I think most people would agree on, especially if they don’t know the label that they are attached to, you know? But then, the pragmatic side of it comes in, as you said. How do you pay for these? You always see people coming in with economic arguments, and they say, look, these numbers don’t really add up. In order to get healthcare for everybody, this is what it would cost. That’s going to be troubling. Even if you reverse the Republican tax deal, that’s only going to make up 5% of what we need to pay for Medicare for all. How do you pay for education – how do you pay for all these ideas?”

Ocasio-Cortez responded by calling it an “excellent, excellent question” before delaying on her response. She said she recently sat down with a “Nobel prize economist” and believes that if people and corporations “paid their fair share,” then the government would be able to provide “free” education and healthcare to everyone in America.

She also spewed the common liberal talking point, and said that if wealthy individuals like Warren Buffet were forced to pay a 15 percent tax rate, the corporate rate was raised to 28 percent, and all loopholes for deductions were closed — that would generate “two trillion dollars in ten years.”

Watch below:

Perhaps unintentionally, Noah got her to admit how flawed her logic is. She wants to raise taxes across the board, take more money from hard-working Americans, and close all of the loopholes used by entities and people to pay for her radical ideas.

The 28-year-old socialist has been on just about every liberal cable news program and show since she defeated 10-term New York Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley.

When she’s not openly calling for other Democrats to support her plans for socialism in America, she is calling for ICE to be abolished, President Donald Trump to be impeached, the minimum wage to be raised to $15/hr nationally, and government-sponsored “free” medicare and college tuition for everyone

Ocasio-Cortez — who claimed she was a “girl from the Bronx,” but was exposed for growing up in a wealthy New York City suburb — desperately wants America to look like Venezuela, where socialist practices have completely depleted the nation and run it into the ground.

As her radical ideologies and ideas are being heralded by the Left, she continues to make the perfect argument for why many agree that socialism can never take root in America.

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