WATCH: Tomi Lahren GOES OFF on Lavar Ball after he trashes President Trump

Last week, LaVar Ball gave ZERO credit to President Trump after he helped get his son and two other UCLA basketball players out of custody in China.

Although the three young men could have been rotting in a Chinese jail, LaVar Ball doesn’t give a damn that President Trump intervened on their behalf. During an interview with CNN, Ball dismissed the notion that Trump helped rescue them, and he went on a long, incoherent rant against the President.

Upon seeing this, Tomi Lahren fired back with some of her thoughts about the ungrateful father.

Watch her epic rant against him below:

“See, LaVar Ball doesn’t seem to think that Donald Trump was much of a help and he doesn’t seem to think that shoplifting is that big a deal. Well Mr. Ball, not in cushy California, but in CHINA, it is”.

She continued by focusing her attention on Trump’s quandraum of “Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t”.

“Can you imagine what they would have said if Trump HADN’T stepped in? Oh the race card would have been slapped down so hard that our ears would still be ringing”, Tomi exclaimed.

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