WATCH: After shouting questions at Trump, Jim Acosta is THIS CLOSE to getting banned from WH pool sprays

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been an annoying little worm in the White House Press Pool since day 1 of the Trump administration. He often asks unrelated questions, and he shouts out questions when its not his turn.

On Tuesday, he was specifically warned by WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to not shout specific questions at Trump during a photo-op for the signing of a National Defense Authorization Bill.

As expected, he didn’t obey…and apparently Sanders was pissed. Sanders pulled him aside and said that he is close to being banned from future pool sprays (pool spray = photo ops the media is allowed to witness)

Listen to him whine to Wolf Blitzer below about being nearly banned from future photo-ops like this:

Here was the event that Acosta rudely interrupted:

CNN needs to realized that they’re not going to be treated with respect when there is constant slander and attacks against our President. I’m glad Sarah Sanders came down hard on them, and hopefully they DO get banned from future photo ops like this!

Do you think CNN should get banned entirely from WH Press events? Comment below…

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