WATCH: Senile Joe Biden Nibbles Wife’s Finger While She’s Giving Campaign Speech

With the critical Iowa caucuses now only two months away, it is imperative that Joe Biden is able to get a win along with the momentum to propel his campaign through a grueling primary season.

So lunchbucket Joe is planning to spend a good amount of time in the Hawkeye State as he seeks to hold off Comrade Bernie, Pocahontas, and Mayor Pete, all of whom have already demonstrated an appeal to the locals.

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The former vice president took his show on the road over Thanksgiving weekend although his bizarre behavior has once again resulting in negative headlines.

Exhibiting the classic behavior of an old man who is losing his marbles, Biden nibbled on his wife’s finger while Dr. Jill was delivering a rousing defense of her hubby in Council Bluffs on Friday.

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Just when the legend of creepy sniffy Joe had been put to rest, old Foghorn Leghorn just couldn’t control himself and even if it was his own wife whose finger he was mouthing, it is just plain bizarre.

It was a bumpy start for the 77-year-old human gaffe machine’s eight-day barnstorming tour through rural Iowa and the Biden’s will be transversing the terrain in a blue touring bus that will be dubbed the Malarkey Express.

The Des Moines Register reports, “Joe Biden kicks off ‘No Malarkey’ bus tour across Iowa, with focus on rural communities, their values”:

Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off an eight-day, 18-county bus tour on Saturday as he ramps up his campaigning in rural Iowa.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Biden said his “No Malarkey” bus tour is the best way to meet Iowans face to face and to show up in the parts of the state that he said “tend to be ignored.”

“Half of winning is showing up. We want them to know how much we want their vote, and we’re going to compete for it and how seriously we take it,” Biden said in the interview on board the bus that will take him across Iowa over the next week.

“And this is just a more fun way to do it,” added Biden’s wife, Jill Biden.

Biden hopes to appeal to rural Iowa through plans for agriculture, health care, education and climate change that he said will benefit rural communities, but also by praising the values of rural communities that he says embody the best of America.

This could be a subject of much social media mockery just as Hillary’s barnstorming tour in the Scooby Doo van was back in 2016 and the word “malarkey” is a very curious choice as a slogan due to its uncommon usage in the 21st Century. – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!

In addition to nibbling Dr. Jill’s digits, Dr. Dementia will soon be in rare form as this video of his inability to express himself in a coherent manner that’s making the rounds illustrates.

There’s also this:

With Hillary counting down the days until the old fogey gives up the ghost or commits an apocalyptic gaffe during one of the CNN-MSNBC Democrat debates, it is absolutely critical that Biden is able to come out of Iowa with a win and positive buzz heading into New Hampshire.

It’s only the first weekend of the “No Malarkey” roadshow but that blue bus is already heading off the edge of a cliff.