WATCH: Sean Hannity is declaring war and he NEEDS OUR HELP!

A must-see

In his opening monologue on Thursday night, Sean Hannity called on Trump supporters to come together and FIGHT BACK against the liberal media and everyone else who is trying to derail the President. 

He said there are 5 forces that are trying to damage Trump: the deep state, the “destroy Trump media,” the Democrats, establishment Republicans and “NeverTrumpers.”

“Sitting back and doing nothing is no longer an option,” Hannity said. Watch his passionate plea below:

“This is now about overriding an election, the election results, the will of the American people,” Hannity continued. “It’s really the swamp versus the people. And the swamp is fighting hard.”

Now, folks, it’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to fight back against the swamp! We need to keep exposing them every single day because they are using all they’ve got to destroy President Trump along with OUR hope and optimism!

We will NOT let them rob us of a great future, which is what they so desperately want.

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