WATCH: Sarah Sanders Gives CNN’s Acosta A BRUTAL Lesson When He Whines About Twisting Words

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders twisted CNN reporter Jim Acosta like a pretzel on Wednesday when he whined about his own words being twisted.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Acosta complained on Wednesday morning that media outlets were “twisting” recent comments he made during an interview with Variety.

Acosta not only claimed the Trump administration was inciting violence against reporters, he straight up said Americans were too stupid to see how “dangerous” the Trump administration is.

“They don’t have all their faculties in some cases — their elevator might not hit all floors.”

During the White House press briefing later that day, Acosta claimed President Donald Trump said Dr. Ronny Jackson, his pick for Veterans Affairs secretary, does not have the experience to handle the job.

Sanders smacked him down for twisting the president’s words to fit his political objective, reminding the CNN reporter that he was complaining on air earlier in the day about being taken “out of context.”

“That’s not what the president said. I think you’re taking some of his words out of context,” Sanders said. “Based on your tweet today, I know you don’t appreciate when people take your words out of context, so I’d appreciate it if you do not do that to the president.”


Watch below, with her exchange with Acosta beginning around the 12:15 mark:

Acosta went on to snidely ask if the Trump administration supports a “free press,” to which Sanders smacked him down a second time for his “tone” and the “responsibility” of the press to report accurate information.

Here’s her response:

“A number of people in this room… do their best to provide fair and accurate information.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m standing here taking your questions. And a lot of times taking your questions in a tone that’s completely unnecessary, unneeded, and frankly doesn’t help further the conversation or help the American people get any more information in a better way which is your job and my job and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Ouch — she torched him twice in less than two minutes.

Acosta believes he’s immune from criticism because his words were taken out of context when he called Americans stupid.

Then when Sanders called him out for misconstruing Trump’s words, he threw a temper tantrum.

Can’t have it both ways, Jim — and Sanders isn’t going to let the liberal media attack the president.

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