WATCH: Pocahontas gets asked if Al Franken should resign and she COMPLETELY dodges the question

Far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren (also known as ‘Pocahontas’ by some) was asked by Stephen Colbert if she thinks Al Franken should step down amidst the sexual misconduct allegations he finds himself in, and she completely dodged the question.

Although this is the same woman who is up in arms about Roy Moore in Alabama, she is SILENT when it comes to her Democratic colleagues.

Watch her disgusting dodge below:

“Senator Warren, let me ask you this. There’s a series of sexual scandals that have created a big national conversation about abuse of power. Al Franken has been caught up in two accusations, one of which he’s acknowledged,” said Colbert.  “People are calling for Al Franken to step down, do you think he should?”

“So, look, I was just enormously disappointed about this. I knew Senator Franken long before he was Senator Franken,” said Warren, clearly trying to bob and weave around the question.

“These allegations are serious and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this. Al’s going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate. We’ve had for a long time now a bipartisan Ethics Committee that meets on a regular basis and he’s going to go in and answer,” she continued.

So let me get this straight…

Al Franken should be given due process, but NOT Roy Moore??? Can someone please tell me how that works??