WATCH: Pelosi Offers One Measly Dollar For Border Wall, Triple Amputee Veteran SHOWS UP To Collect It

Nancy Pelosi has been enjoying her triumphant moment of regaining her lost glory as Speaker Of The House and has been showered with adoration and accolades from an activist media that has long been in the bag for Democrats and has a personal stake in her restoration.

The septuagenarian leader of the Dems is determined to defeat President Trump over his very reasonable demands for border wall funding to keep drugs and criminals out of the country, a sign that her party cares more about politics than national security.

VOTE: Should Trump keep the Government closed until he gets the wall?

In her latest gambit, Pelosi made a counteroffer to the president on the wall: ONE DOLLAR!

The figure is likely a dig at Trump from back in the days when he owned the USFL’s New Jersey Generals when the league sued the NFL for antitrust and won the case but was awarded only $1 in damages.

However, the joke was on Pelosi because a patriotic veteran who lost three limbs after serving his country called her bluff and went to collect the money.

His name is Brian Kolfage and he is the man behind the monstrously successful GoFundMe campaign allowing regular Americans to pitch in to help build the wall that has to this date, collected over $19 million dollars in small donations.

VOTE: Should Trump keep the Government closed until he gets the wall?

Kolfage undertook a mission to get one more dollar – from Speaker Pelosi!


One almost has to pity the poor stammering Pelosi who just can’t help but continue to make a complete ass of herself, how very fitting for the leader of a party that proudly bears a jackass as its logo.