WATCH: Pelosi Gets Nasty, Calls Trump’s Rebuke Of Late-Term Abortion “A Sad Thing”

Still rattled after President Trump’s triumphant State Of The Union address on Tuesday night, flummoxed Democrats are in disarray over the glowing approval ratings that the president’s speech is drawing and as a result, are tripling-down on radicalism in the hope of appeasing their lunatic fringe base.

Despite being delayed by the power-drunk Nancy Pelosi, Trump used the time that his SOTU was postponed to hone his message to Americans which he then delivered like a haymaker to the jaw of the extremists, baby-killers, fascists, and socialists that now comprise the Democratic party.

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Americans may have been subjected to so much propaganda from the dishonest media that they have become numbed and scared of daring to speak out but one thing that has sparked massive outrage is the Dems’ maniacal embrace of not just abortion, but actual infanticide.

A flurry of monstrous new laws that have been ramrodded through in Democrat-controlled states are now openly embracing the murder of a human baby after he/she has actually been born!

Dem Governors in Andrew Cuomo’s New York and embattled Ralph Northam’s Virginia have put their seal of approval on this horrifying and unthinkable crusade to expand abortion to outside the womb – likely out of cynicism – but they have suffered a huge setback after Trump made it clear that the Dems’ stance was not only abominable but un-American and inhuman to its core.

Trump hit for the cycle on Tuesday by establishing MAGA, blasting the neocons on their foreign wars, ripping the police state investigations and unequivocally stating that American would never become a socialist country.

He also claimed the moral high ground on the post-birth extermination of human life that the Democrats (like their ideological predecessors in Nazi Germany) are championing.

You can hardly blame the 78-year-old Pelosi who clearly is losing the battle with dementia to stand her ground and to side with the exterminators.

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Via The Daily Caller, “Pelosi Calls Trump’s Request To Ban Late-Term Abortion ‘Really Quite A Sad Thing'”:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded Wednesday to President Donald Trump’s call for legislation to ban late-term abortion by saying it’s a “sad thing.”

“It’s really quite a sad thing when you know that we’ll be talking about something that applies to the health and life — health and ability to have other children of women,” she said when asked by The Daily Caller. “I hope that in his family, he never has to face that crisis and apply his attitude toward it.”

Thanks to Chuck and Nancy and their fanatical base, the Dems are going all-in on baby killing which is not likely to resonate with Americans outside of the degenerate enclaves of New York, Chicago, and California and they may have just provided the spark for the silent majority to punch their tickets to the ashbin of history with the other ill-fated totalitarian regimes.

Dems have been emboldened and reckless in their jihad to avenge Hillary’s loss but after the last week the tide may be turning because their overreach has gone a bridge too far.

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