WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Roasted By Former ICE Chief, ‘Every Time She Opens Her Mouth, She Is Wrong!’

Democratic socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting ripped to shreds left and right on social media.

She’s also in the midst of a new controversy every single day for her erratic social media behavior.

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Now she’s getting ripped by the former acting ICE director Thomas Homan, who labeled her as an “embarrassment” to Boston University.

Homan came out with guns blazing, stating the following about Ocasio-Cortez, courtesy of the Daily Wire:

“It’s incredible. Every time she opens her mouth she’s wrong. She supposedly went to college in Boston, she must be an embarrassment to that institution,” he said. “She needs to do her homework. First of all, no child died in ICE custody. That was a different agency, that was the Border Patrol. And they did everything they could to save that child’s life,” he said. “That child [was] in bad shape.”

Homan is referring to a young Guatemalan girl who passed away after traveling hundreds of miles with her father. She was only seven-years-old and her father took her across the border illegally and she “likely suffered from septic shock, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in December. The department said the girl had been apprehended with 161 others who illegally crossed the U.S. border and were taken to a holding station.”

“When she stopped breathing, she was revived twice by medical staff, then flown by helicopter to Providence Children’s Hospital in El Paso, Texas, where she passed away.”

Homan said Democrats should be blamed for refusing to close existing loopholes that allow some families to come to America, possibly referring to people who enter America illegally through whatever loopholes, or entrances they can figure out.

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He stated:

“You want to blame somebody for deaths in custody? Then blame the Democrats [who] refuse to close the loopholes that use these families to come in the first place…When you talk about human rights violations, does she realize that ICE has arrested and removed hundreds of human rights violators from this country, including Nazis and people that committed war crimes in certain parts of Europe?”

“She ought to be saying thank you. She’s from New York. ICE agents have arrested and removed thousands of criminals from the streets of New York … So a thank you would be nice rather than misinformation that she always puts out.

This recent clip of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gathered quite a laugh:

She may not know it, but she recently voted to continue funding ICE. It’s an issue she can’t exactly dance around!

Democrats and President Trump are in a shutdown over budget disagreements.

Trump wants to fund border security which includes a wall, personnel, and new technology being added to fight illegal immigration. Democrats are not interested in the wall and some claim that it would not work.

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