WATCH: Obama Melts Down During Bizarre Rant When Trying To Attack Trump Without His Teleprompter

Former President Barack Obama melted down during a bizarre rant when trying to attack President Donald Trump without his teleprompter.

During a rally in Wisconsin for Democratic candidates, Obama flat-out accused Trump and the GOP of “shamelessly lying” about the migrant caravan and other issues.

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Without a hint of self-awareness or how many argue he spent eight years dividing Americans, Obama claimed Democrats are the better option over Republicans in the midterm elections next Tuesday.

Obama’s most scathing comments came when he argued the 7,000-strong migrant caravan, which is storming toward the United States and demanding entry into the country, wasn’t as big of a deal as the Republicans are making it.

“You know, as soon as the election’s over, everybody will be like, ‘What, what happened? We were being invaded. Where’d it go?'” Obama said. “We’ve got to stop falling for this stuff. We’re like Charlie Brown with the football. … Don’t fall for that kind of fear-mongering.”

Obama went on to accuse the GOP and Trump of lying to Americans about their policies and being hypocritical in their calls for civility.

“The consequences of anybody sitting out of this election are profound because America’s at a crossroads right now. … Maybe most of all, the character of our country is on the ballot. What we have not seen before, in our recent public life at least, is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying.”

Obama’s mannerisms were also bizarre, where he made weird facial expressions and couldn’t look away from his teleprompter for more than a few seconds.

Watch below:

Obama melting down, calling Trump and Republicans liars, and not being able to deliver a speech without his beloved teleprompter is a clear sign to many that Democrats are getting worried.

With the critical midterm elections taking place on Tuesday, Democrats are rolling out Obama and hoping he will be able to push them over the edge.

VOTER POLL: Do you support Trump using military force on the border if necessary?

Obama’s speech comes on the heels of a report revealing that holdovers from his administration used their government positions to undermine Trump’s agenda by approving what is being called a “major policy shift” plan.

It also comes as Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama appear to be planning to adapt an anti-Trump book into a new Netflix series.

The Obamas acquired the rights to author Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk, a gloomy expose that claims to detail how the Trump administration is chaotic and out of control.

But Obama’s speech calling Trump and Republicans liars and making his speeches all about himself is par for the course. And it’s also a sign that Democrats are getting desperate ahead of the Nov. 6 elections.

This is also the same guy who previously called Trump a “demagogue” during a speech in which he referred to himself 79 times.

No one loves Obama more than Obama — and he continues to prove that every time he uses every speech to talk about himself.

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