WATCH: Obama Arrogantly Mentions Himself Almost 400 Times AGAIN During Speech On Foreign Soil

Former President Barack Obama not only insulted America while on foreign soil, he also managed to mention himself almost 400 times in an hour-long speech.

While speaking to a crowd on Saturday in Germany, Obama took a not-so-subtle shot at the United States.

“Collectively in Europe right now on average you probably see the highest standards of living of any group of people in the history of the planet. Wealthier, healthier, better educated.”

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“Europe in 2019 in some ways has achieved the pinnacle of human well-being,” he added.


Europe has the “highest standard of living” in the history of the planet?

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The people of Europe are “wealthier, healthier, and better educated” than any other county in the world, including the U.S.?

Obama made it pretty clear that’s what he believes.

That is undoubtedly a major insult to the U.S., but that’s not the only infuriating thing he managed to say.

As detailed by Grabien’s Tom Elliot, Obama mentioned himself an eye-popping 392 times in a roughly 90-minute speech.

Elliot notes that in his 90-minute speech, Obama said “I” 274 times, “me” 25 times, “my” 31 times, “I’d” 9 times, “I’m” 41 times, “myself” 7 times,” and “Obama” 5 times.

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Here are just a few quotes compiled by Elliot, where Obama lavished praise onto himself:

“It’s been over ten years since I spoke to a slightly larger crowd in front of the Victory Column when I was running for president. I had a little less gray hair then. And since then I’ve been back to Germany I think at least ten times. I’ve been to Europe countless times. But I’m as excited to be here with you as I have been ever when I’ve come to Europe.”

“When I left office, or maybe a few months before I left office, I had to make some decisions about what I would do after the end of my presidency and I knew that I wanted to catch up on my sleep — I had to take Michelle on vacation. She deserved it, putting up with me for that long. But we also knew that our service wasn’t yet done. I was one of the youngest presidents to be elected, which meant I was one of the young est ex-presidents. And I asked myself, ‘All right, what’s the next thing that I can do to make the biggest impact, the most difference?’ And there were a whole range of issues that I cared deeply about, many of which you work on.”

“When I passed the Paris climate. Or, when I helped get the Paris agreement on climate accomplished, I was the first one to say what we’ve done here is not adequate to meet the demands of climate science.”

“I mean, I will tell you that I don’t have a regular meditation practice. But I have my own tools I guess to take me to a certain place. For example, you know, particularly when I was your age I did a lot of writing and that would serve as a similar process for me where I would still myself and if I was writing well, it would take me out of myself, right?”

“You know, I was — I was a pretty busy guy. I’ve got to say. But I worked out every morning. I mean, I was pretty religious about it. I was in the gym. And people knew, unless there was an actual literal emergency, that you had to block out that time in the morning when I was going to be working out. And if I did not have a workout, I was going to be cranky. But I knew that if I was going to be able to sustain the pace I was sustaining over the course of eight years, I needed to have at least that.”

Every time Obama speaks, he finds a way to trash America and make it all about himself.

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