WATCH: NRA Savagely Mocks CNN During Convention With Hilarious Video

The National Rifle Association savagely mocked CNN over the weekend during its convention, calling the liberal network a “bitter lemon” that colluded with Hillary Clinton.

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and many others spoke at the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas.

On Friday, Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim shared a video on Twitter of the NRA poking fun at CNN for being bitter and obsessed with endlessly bashing Trump.

“This is a lemon. Its network colluded with a Democratic presidential candidate,” the clip said. “It’s colleague gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Don’t be fooled. This is not a journalist. This is a lemon, a bitter lemon.”

Watch below:

The clip also mocks former CNN contributor Donna Brazile for relaying CNN debate questions to then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Brazile later admitted that she was colluding with the Clinton campaign and giving them the scoop on certain questions that would be asked during a CNN town hall with Clinton’s competitor, Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The video also pokes fun at CNN’s recent “this is an apple” ad, which is part of what the network calls its “#FactsFirst” campaign.

CNN, of all networks, claims to be fair and balanced as well as the most trusted name in news.

Here’s the CNN ad, which the NRA was mocking:

CNN not only has failing ratings, the network is hardly a “facts first” news organization.

This is the same network who had a reporter imply a physical altercation with White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders; got busted twisting words against the White House; admitted to allowing fake news and misinformation on the show; and criticized Trump for having two scoops of ice cream.

If anyone is a bitter lemon who colluded with Clinton and is desperate to attack Trump, it’s CNN.

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