WATCH: NBA coach says NFL’s policy to respect National Anthem is “idiotic”

Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, was asked by reporters about the NFL’s new National Anthem policy.

“I think it’s just typical of the NFL,” Steve Kerr stated. “They’re just playing to their fanbase, basically trying to use the anthem as fake patriotism, nationalism, scaring people. It’s idiotic. But that’s how the NFL has handled their business. I’m proud to be in a league that understands patriotism in America is about free speech, about peacefully protesting. And I think our leadership in the NBA understands that when the NFL players were kneeling, they were kneeling to protest police brutality, to protest racial inequality.

“They weren’t disrespecting the flag or the military. But our president decided to make it about that and the NFL followed suit, pandered to their fanbase, created this hysteria. This is kind of what’s wrong with our country right now. People in high places are trying to divide us, divide loyalties, make this about the flag as if the flag is something other than what it really is,” Kerr added.

Yeah, he’s right. People in high places definitely are trying to divide us. Obama, James Comey and Andrew McCabe attempted to undermine our Democratically elected President. Meanwhile, people are outraged over our President attempting to bring respect back for our great American flag.

The outspoken Golden State Warrior head coach Kerr concluded, “It’s a a representation of what we’re about, which is diversity, peaceful protests, abilities, right to free speech. It’s really ironic, actually.”

Funny enough, NBA rules mandate players and coaches to “stand in a dignified posture” during the anthem.

Watch below:

On Wednesday, the National Football League made the decision to ban kneeling during the National Anthem. President Trump applauded the decision while offering players a suggestion.

Thursday morning on “Fox & Friends,” President Trump said, “You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there, maybe they shouldn’t be in the country.”

The President declined to take credit for the NFL’s decision, stating, “I think the people pushed it forward. This was not me. This country is very smart. We have very smart people.”

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