WATCH: Nancy Pelosi’s Gives Bizarre Victory Speech; “Rebuild Water..Uh…Systems”, “Drain The Swamp”

On Tuesday night, the Democrats took control of the House for the first time since 2010. This gives them the ability to return Nancy Pelosi to the position of House Speaker, and she’s already making us cringe with her victory speech.

Within minutes of her opening remarks, Pelosi promised to “keep Trump in check” and bring “transparency” back to the House of Representatives. She also talked about rebuilding “water systems” and “draining the swamp” (?).

Watch her bizarre speech below:

Pelosi also shouted excitedly for “pre-existing conditions”:

“Lets hear it for pre-existing medical conditions!”, she exclaimed.

As we reported earlier on, the shift in House power will cause the Trump train to travel over Democratic speed bumps, checking their power on major issues such as health care, taxes, and whatever else Trump decides to push in the next two years leading up to 2020’s election. Issues such as reduced drug prices, which Trump fought to remove the gag order from pharmacies, or perhaps things like infrastructure improvement could be worked on, but may find new levels of difficulty.

CNBC reported, “it remains to be seen whether Democratic leaders push for Trump’s impeachment — which they avoided as they tried not to fuel Republican enthusiasm during the midterms. It could depend on what Mueller’s Russia probe, or the Democrats’ own investigations, uncover.”

Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying that she had no intention of impeaching Donald Trump if she became the Speaker of the House again.

She appears to be more interested in working closely to solve issues, but she could also be easily swayed by her fellow Democrats to push for impetohment, something many of the vocal Democrats continued to call for, even though there may not be a true reason they could impeach Trump.

Now that the Democrats have control of the House, the next two years will be extremely interesting, perhaps more firey than expected.

Here’s what some are saying on Twitter:

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire laid out the “nightmare scenario” for 2020…

Don’t play like that with us, Ben….