WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Goes Nuclear, ERUPTS On Reporter For Questioning Her Leadership

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went nuclear on Wednesday, erupting on a reporter for questioning her leadership of the Democratic Party.

During a news briefing, Pelosi was speaking about the primary elections that took place in several states on Tuesday night.

Notably, 10-term Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley — who was next in line to replace Pelosi — was upset in New York by Alexandria Ocasio-Corteza, 28-year-old socialist who openly stated that she wants to abolish ICE and impeach President Donald Trump.

Pelosi got heated when asked about her win and how Ocasio-Corteza’s far-left policies highlighted the obvious identity crisis within the Democratic Party ahead of crucial midterm elections in November.

“What’s your problem?” Pelosi shot back, not pleased that the reporter implied she no longer represented the base of the party.

“Leader Pelosi, to that end, the Democratic Party is increasingly younger, more female, more diverse, more progressive. Should the Democratic House leadership look that way?” asked the journalist.

“Well I’m female, I’m progressive… So what’s your problem? Two out of three ain’t bad,” Pelosi said, visibly frustrated.

She added: “Let’s not get yourself carried away as an expert on demographics and the rest of that.”

Watch below:

Pelosi was upset because the reporter, surprisingly, asked a tough and fair question.

Many Democrats have been slowly distancing themselves from Pelosi ahead of the midterms, with many believing she doesn’t represent the new direction of the party.

The Democratic Party today is becoming more emblematic of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Corteza, who want to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, abolish ICE, give everyone “free” college tuition, and create medicare-for-all.

The Bernie-wing of the party wants socialism whereas Pelosi wants more progressive policies — both of which spell danger for their chances of retaking the House in November.

Pelosi went nuclear because she knows her party is dramatically shifting to the left, which hurts liberals in elections and her chances of remaining as the leader of the party.

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