WATCH: MSNBC Desperately Tries To Spin Study Showing Racism Has DECLINED Under President Trump

Have you ever heard the term “When it rain, it pours?”

Such was the case with the liberal media when they were smacked with the harsh reality of truth: America has become less racist under President Trump’s watch.

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How can they hold their heads high after they’ve pushed the narrative that Trump is a racist, with racist views, who has made America more racist?!

Sounds like a real conundrum, doesn’t it?

The truth, mu friends, is that the Leftist media has spent countless hours trying to make America buy a LIE.

As reported by Spectator:

The New Yorker, for example, ran a piece in November 2016 declaring ‘Hate on rise since Trump’s election’, and quoting a list of incidents collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center – including the experience of a girl in Colorado who was allegedly told by a white man: ‘Now that Trump is president I am going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find’. TIME magazine, too, ran a story in the same month announcing ‘Racist incidents are up since Donald Trump’s election’. In March 2017 the Nation asserted ‘Donald Trump’s rise has coincided with an explosion in hate groups’, claiming that 100 racist organizations had been founded since Trump began his presidential campaign.

Oh, how sad. You poor fools. But why would I make such bold statements?

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As reported by Breibart:

Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington, two University of Pennsylvania sociologists, have been conducting a running study that measures the racial attitudes of 2,500 randomly selected Americans since 2008.

In their most recent report, the academics admit they expected to see an increase in racist opinions among the group, stating, “Normalization of prejudice or opinion leadership both lead us to expect that expressed prejudice may have increased in this period, especially among Republicans or Trump supporters.”


What they found is a decrease in racism under Trump.

I don’t know why the bells of justice are ringing so strongly in my soul, but I can’t contain the joy that that continues to toll with each…sweet… morsel.

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Spectator continued:

Moreover, contrary to their expectations, the fall was as evident among Republican voters as it was among Democrats. There was also a general fall in anti-Hispanic prejudice, too, although this was more evident among Democrat voters.

It just doesn’t get any better than that. So now that you know what the idiot Leftist media was up against, how do you suppose they would be able to handle such a blow.

Spin, of course.

WATCH (Begins at 40:45)

Here’s more from Spectator:

 It might be added that the election of Barack Obama also caught liberal opinion unawares. That event, it might be recalled, was supposed to be the breakthrough which led to a kinder, gentler America. Instead it seemed to be followed by a more fractious period in race relations, culminating in race riots in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014. Maybe social science has got it the wrong way round: it was the sight of a mixed race man in the White House who brought out in the inner racist in Americans who are inclined towards those feelings, while the reassuring sight of white man back in the Oval Office has calmed them down.

These people have no shame.

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