WATCH: Michael Moore Calls Trump Supporters ‘Misogynist’ And ‘Racist’; Says They Should Be ‘Shunned’

Anti-Trump film producer Michael Moore argued this week that a large part of the American public is “angry, intolerant, hard to reconcile.”

During a segment on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Moore channeled his inner Hillary Clinton and also said “misogynist” and “racist” Trump supporters must be “shunned.”

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His scathing comments were eerily similar to Clinton calling Trump supporters “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”

The segment earlier this week began when guest host Ali Velshi asked Moore “how much intolerance do we tolerate in order to build bridges of empathy, to talk to people who are legitimately angry?”

Moore responded: “You can’t build a bridge to a racist or a misogynist…they have to be shunned and treated like we treated smokers twenty years ago.”

Moore then offered an olive branch to “Republicans who do care about this country, who are not bigots, they’re just rightfully angry,” urging them to “give these Democrats who just got elected a shot.”

The far-left film producer called on Democrats to embrace the fact that “the country has changed” and that liberals must “come along with the change here. Don’t hold back. Don’t think anymore, well, we can have half health care. No, we need…universal health care for everyone.”

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Watch below:

Moore referring to Trump supporters as misogynistic racists who should be shunned from society is par for the course given his long history of making outlandish comments.

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Moore, who recently released his 2020 wish list for Democratic candidates, once claimed that Trump is using the “Presidential alerts” in the future to install himself as a dictator.

“It was just a test. But make no mistake about it. This is the world in which we now live. That’s my final line in ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’. A few minutes ago, Trump gave us a preview of the state of emergency he is creating to justify the end of democracy as we know it. RESIST!” Moore wrote via Twitter.

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Prior to that, the progressive producer compared Americans who aren’t in the streets protesting Trump to Germans who didn’t fight back against Hitler.

You know, you’ll hear from people on other networks or other shows I’ll be on, “Well, Mike, why are you making the comparisons between Hitler and Trump?” And I always say to them, “Well, that’s really not the movie.” The movie is more comparing us to the Germans, the “good Germans,” one of the most civilized, cultured, educated, liberal democracies on the planet Earth. And they went along. There was a national emergency. The Reichstag burned down—their parliament. And, you know, Hitler said, “The Communists did it. We’ve got to get rid of these Communists.”

Moore — who also argued Trump would use a catastrophic event, real or not, to take away the rights of all Americans — has become the mouthpiece for the far-left and is endlessly spreading paranoia before November’s midterm election.

He has officially gone off the reservation.

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