WATCH: Michael Cohen Slips Up In Opening Statement, Delivers Major BLOW To Russia Claims

Michael Cohen slipped up big time in his opening statement on Wednesday and accidentally delivered a major blow to liberal claims of alleged Russia collusion.

During a hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Cohen, who is going to prison in two months after admitting to lying to federal prosecutors and Congress, is testifying about his relationship with President Donald Trump.

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In his nearly 30-minute opening statement, Cohen actually admitted that he had never seen and does not have any proof of Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

“NEW: ‘The questions have been raised whether I know of direct evidence that Mr. Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. I do not,’ Michael Cohen just said…” wrote Henry Rodger, a reporter with The Daily Caller who quoted Cohen.

Cohen literally admitted in his opening remarks that there’s no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Several other prominent conservatives took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to point out other lies and false statements made by Cohen in his remarks.

And, ironically enough, Cohen actually provided solid testimony exonerating Trump.

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“Michael Cohen’s not saying anything new legally. His testimony exonerates Trump from telling him to lie to Congress. There’s nothing new about collusion. And his recollection of things Trump said is unclear by his own admission. The rest is Lanny Davis talking thru Cohen’s mouth,” wrote Brietbart editor Joel B. Pollak.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh highlighted how Cohen testified there’s no evidence that Trump told him to lie or break the law.

“Remarkably Cohen’s testimony exonerates Trump. He says Trump never directly told him to lie, he has no evidence of collusion, and Trump only worked on the Moscow project because he thought he wouldn’t win, which means he wasn’t trying to leverage the presidency for financial gain,” Walsh wrote.

“This all started because of “Russian collusion” yet Cohen says in his testimony that he has no knowledge of any collusion. Okay then what the hell are we doing here?” Walsh added in a second tweet.

The Federalist Papers’ Carmine Sabia also noted how Cohen accidentally completely vindicated the president.

VOTE NOW: Who Do You Believe, Trump or Cohen?

“The most interesting part of Cohen’s 30 minute bash President Donald Trump fest is this. He said he has no evidence of collusion and that he did not directly tell him to lie to Congress. Everything else is him creating his new career as a commentator after prison,” Sabia wrote.

Cohen has admitted to lying to federal prosecutors and Congress and is headed to prison in a few months.

Cohen even admitted on Wednesday morning, under oath, that he lied several times and is aware that there are serious issues surrounding his credibility.

And, perhaps unintentionally, admitted there’s no evidence that Trump directed him to lie nor any proof of Trump-Russia collusion during the election.

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