WATCH: Melania Asked What’s Toughest Thing About WH; She Nukes Media, Celebs In One Sentence

First Lady Melania Trump was asked about what she believes has been the hardest part of being in the White House, and she absolutely nuked the media and celebrities.

During a rare interview on Wednesday with Fox News host Sean Hannity, the first lady vented frustration with “opportunists” who are using her family’s name for personal gain.

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“I would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves—from comedians to journalists to performers — book writers,” Melania said.

The first lady said the criticisms don’t necessarily bother her, but added that she takes issue with journalists and others misrepresenting her family’s accomplishments to contort history.

“The problem is they are writing the history and it’s not correct,” she added.

Melania also spoke about staying connected and involved with her husband President Donald Trump’s administration and the daily operations.

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She told Hannity that she’s not afraid to offer her opinions on issues ranging from staffing, policy positions, and other ideas.

“I follow what’s going on. And I give my husband advice and my honest opinion,” she said. “Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t.”

Watch below:

The first lady has a point about being attacked and insulted by Hollywood celebrities and members of the mainstream media.

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In October, the executive producer of Ellen Degeneres’ talk show said he’s “more afraid” of “another Melania” entering the United States than the migrant caravan of roughly 10,000 foreign nationals marching toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

Andy Lassner claimed via Twitter that another woman like Melania coming to America would be a bigger threat than the migrant caravan.

Before that, twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rejected the idea of civility toward Trump administration officials and attacked Melania for wearing a jacket that read on the back, “I really don’t care, do u?”

“That, I have no idea. I have no idea. I can’t even … I don’t have any idea. I don’t know,” Clinton said.

When asked if she felt sorry for the first lady having to deal with endless criticism, Clinton responded: “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.”

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Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin wrote “F*ck you” to Melania and called her a “feckless complicit piece of sh*t.”

“F*ck you, Melanie. You know d*mn well your husband can end this immediately…you feckless complicit piece of sh*t,” she tweeted in response to the Trump administrations zero-tolerance immigration policies at the border.

Far-left comedian Michelle Wolf “joked” that she hopes President Trump didn’t hurt Melania because “then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore.”

She was implying that the president was beating the first lady.

Sadly, these are just a few examples of what the first lady deals with. And many understand why she takes issue with “opportunists” who are smearing her family’s name for personal gain.

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