WATCH: Meghan McCain RIPS Panel For Calling Trump Supporters A Cult; ‘LET ME FINISH!’

Meghan McCain fired back hard on Friday afternoon when the deranged liberals on ABC’s “The View” panel said those who support President Donald Trump are members of a “cult.”

As noted by Mediaite, the panel exchanged barbs back and forth most of the show, but things got very heated when liberal-co-host Joy Behar and others said Trump has “brainwashed” the Republican Party.

The segment began with the panel discussing an interview Trump gave to The Sun on Thursday before his visit with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Members of Trump’s team say the outlet selectively edited the interview and only used pieces of Trump’s comments to make it appear as if he was bashing May. The White House claims Trump was not doing that at all, but said that he and May have to discuss a few issues, but that he had confidence the two nations would reach an agreement.

Co-host Tara Setmayer, who groundlessly claimed Trump was ruining America’s relationship with our allies, said the president’s supporters will always believe him no matter what because they are all part of the Trump “cult.”

Like many, McCain was not pleased about that at all, and told Setmayer to stop calling it a “cult” because it was inappropriate to label everyone who supports the president under one category.

Here’s Setmayer’s response:

“There’s a large group of people who blindly follow what this man says, that don’t think for themselves. When he can get away with saying things on tape and talk about those things as if they’re fake news now, that is a cult.”

“A large group, including a lot of members of Congress, who have sold their principles down the river. They’re hypocrites.”

McCain fired back:

“I defend his supporters because I understand it. I think when you’re putting a giant swath of people and we’re all in a cult. I didn’t vote for Trump for personal reasons. You said last time on the show.”

“Trump has 89 percent of Republican support. So 89 percent of the Republican party are in a cult?”

Behar, Setmayer, and others tried several times to speak over McCain, but she was not having it.

“LET ME FINISH!” McCain charged.

Watch a clip from the segment below:

McCain had every right to fire back at Setmeyer and the other intolerant liberals on the panel who believe calling Republicans and Trump supporters a “cult” is acceptable.

Are people who supported former President Barack Obama in a cult? What about those who are still upset that Hillary Clinton was embarrassed during the 2016 presidential election?

McCain went on to say that while the media foment over everything Trump does and says, Americans across the country don’t care about the tabloid gossip stories from the liberal talking heads.

McCain is correct that Trump’s approvals are soaring, with many polls confirming Americans are supporting the president and his agenda.

Aside from that, Setmayer’s comments about Trump supporters was disgusting, and McCain had every right to fire back at her.

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