WATCH: Mark Levin Says Mueller Is A Bigger Threat Than VLADIMIR PUTIN

Conservative political pundit Mark Levin made an appearance on Fox New’s “Hannity” Thursday night and had some very harsh words for special counsel Robert Mueller during his appearance.

Echoing the thoughts a most conservatives, many moderates and even some democrats, he had this to say,

“First of all, Robert Mueller is a greater threat to this republic and the Constitution than anything Vladimir Putin did during the campaign. And I am no fan of Vladimir Putin. He is threatening to take down the President of the United States,” Levin stated.

“So, what questions exactly does Mr. Mueller have? I’m talking to you, Mr. Mueller,” he continued. “Exactly what questions that you have, will you seek to turn this country upside down and disenfranchise the over-60-million people who voted for this President of United States?”

Both were discussing a recent appearance by one of President Trump’s attorneys; former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani and his comments on the show the night before. Guiliani discussed the Mueller investigation and predicted that the entire investigation will “blow up” in Democrats’ faces.

“Now, the President of United States is not an ordinary citizen. He must protect the Constitution. He has to protect the office of the presidency. He has to protect the president’s prerogatives. He has to protect separation of powers. That is what this president is doing against this rogue prosecutor! It is Trump who has the white hat.”

The Liberal leaning news organization Vox reported that only 32% of voters view Robert Mueller favorably.

President Donald Trump’s campaign to discredit the special counsel’s investigation may be working: A new Politico/Morning Consult poll puts Robert Mueller’s favorability at just 32 percent.

What are your thoughts on the Mueller investigation? Is it the Witch Hunt that Democrats are using to attempt to validate their loss to President Trump or do you believe there is validity to the investigation?

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